Cabin on the Lake

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“Cabin on the Lake”  |  Anthony Satori

Surround yourself with beauty, goodness, compassion, light.  The more thoroughly you infuse these qualities into the substance of your everyday life, the more you will come to see the world as a living reflection of the infinite wonder of the universe.


Animal Spirits

It was suggested to me that a proper introduction was in order for my recent book Animal Spirits: A Collection of Nature Photographs.  So, please enjoy the short film above! (run time: approx. 2 minutes; video has sound)  All of the images in the video are featured in the book, plus many more… in fact, it contains almost two hundred color and black-and-white nature photographs of animals from around the world.  If just for the Emerson texts alone, however, it is easily worth the price of admission: the book features a generous selection of mind-expanding quotes carefully curated from the writings of noted transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson.

To find the book on Amazon, please click the Animal Spirits image in the right hand margin.  Or use the link here:  Animal Spirits by Anthony Satori.


Emerson and Nature

“Puppy”  |  Animal Spirits  (pg. 28)  |  Anthony Satori

I am convinced that animals have souls, much like we do.  They demonstrate truly individual personalities, they display an undeniable capacity for love, and when you look into their eyes, it doesn’t take much to see that there are real thoughts and emotions behind them.  In addition, only a creature with a soul could experience empathy, and if you’ve ever had a pet cuddle up to you when you were feeling down, you surely understand what I am saying.

Transcendentalist philosopher and noted nature-lover Ralph Waldo Emerson built an entire spiritual philosophy around the belief that nature is a window into a deeper spiritual world.  And the further I look into the natural world myself, the more convinced I become that he was right.