Vanilla Cupcake

BlogImage - SatoriCircleDotCom - Dec 29 2018

“Vanilla Cupcake”  |  Anthony Satori

“Simplicity is the most difficult thing to secure in this world;  it is the last limit of experience and the last effort of genius.”

— George Sand

May the coming year be filled with health, happiness, and life’s most simple and exquisite pleasures.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Visitation of Beauty

BlogImage - SatoriCircleDotCom - Jan 6 2018

“Visitation of Beauty”  |  Anthony Satori

One afternoon, a leaf fluttered down from the sky and landed softly on the window of my car.  I remained silent and still, quietly watching as it clung timidly to the edge of the window, simply enjoying its delicate beauty, wondering just how it might have made such an unlikely journey.  After a few moments, I pulled out my camera and took a photograph.  I then looked down, for just a breath, to prepare my camera for another shot.  When I looked up, the leaf was gone.  I hadn’t even seen it go. It had flown away on another gentle breeze, just as quickly and quietly as it had arrived.

Enjoy every moment, my friends.  Find the good in life, every day, and pull it close to your heart.


Mystical Energy

BlogImage - SatoriCircleDotCom - Sept 9 2017

“Mystical Energy”  |  Anthony Satori

There is a mystical energy in the universe.  It lives all around us.  It vibrates just beneath the surface of everything that is good in the world.  It nourishes us through nature, beauty, compassion and love — through art, empathy, kindness and wonder.  This mystical energy is the elixir of the universe.  It can expand our consciousness and give our existence infinite new layers of meaning and beauty, if we allow it to.


Morning Dew

BlogImage - SatoriCircleDotCom - Jan 2 2016

“Morning Dew”  |  Anthony Satori

What is true prosperity?  It is positive, life-affirming connections with those that you care about and love.  It is putting energy and attention into the health of your body, mind and spirit, and in turn feeling your body, mind and spirit give you health and energy in return.  It is small gestures imbued with meaning, and kind words spoken from the heart.  It is sharing in the celebration of life’s achievements, feeling and showing compassion during life’s setbacks, and always remembering to savor life’s simple pleasures along the way.  It is knowing that both the cause and effect of everything good in this world is Love.   

As we move forward into this coming year filled with promise and new horizons, may your mind and body be healthy, may your heart be at peace, and may your spirit soar.

Happy New Year, everyone!