Bestowing Light

“Dionysus” | Anthony Satori

“Every time that someone has, with a pure heart, called upon Osiris, Dionysus, Buddha, the Tao, etc., the Son of God has answered them by sending the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit has acted upon their soul, not by inciting them to abandon their religious tradition, but by bestowing upon them light.”

– Simone Weil

Elements of Happiness

“Sphere” | Anthony Satori

“It is the possession of a great heart or a great mind, and not the mere fame of it, which is worth having and which is conducive to happiness. Not fame, but that which deserves to be famous, is what one should hold in esteem. Fame itself is only an accident.

Likewise, one who deserves fame without getting it possesses by far the more important element of happiness. It is not that a person is thought to be great by the masses… but that a person really is great, which should move us to value their position. And their happiness should not derive from the fact that posterity may hear of them, but rather from the fact that they are the creator of thoughts worthy to be treasured and studied.”

– Arthur Schopenhauer