The Scent of Old Books

“The Scent of Old Books” | Anthony Satori

“I have found Truth. Hearing such a boastful statement, you are probably breaking up in laughter. But I mean it. When I encountered Truth, I was startled. It was nothing out of the ordinary. Why has it taken me so long to recognize it, more than ten thousand lives? When I saw it, I was so surprised, all I could do was burst out laughing, just as you must be doing as you read this. I said, ‘I thought with a fancy name like Truth, you’d be more beautiful.’ ‘You think I’m ugly?’ Truth asked. I looked again and had to admit that Truth was not ugly. Truth then asked, ‘Now that you’ve seen me, what will you do tonight?’ I answered solemnly, ‘When I am hungry, I will eat. When I am tired, I will sleep.'”

— Thich Nhat Hanh

Portals and paths to enlightenment exist all around us. Life is filled with opportunities for us to enrich our minds with knowledge and beauty, to infuse our actions with love and joy, and to fill our hearts with compassion and understanding. And the more earnestly and enthusiastically we pursue such things, the more deeply our Being will become enlightened with all of the wonders that the Universe has to offer.

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