Work in Progress

“Work in Progress” | Anthony Satori

“Only one link in the chain of destiny can be handled at a time.”

— Winston Churchill

It is vitally important to make plans, to have goals, and to set things into place that will come to fruition at a future time. It is of real value to create a hopeful and abundant vision of the future, both distant and near, and then to strive to hold steadfastly to a course that will take you there. This is a vital skill, and it is a powerful tool for a successful life.

Even as this is being done, however, it is equally important to remember to keep returning to the present moment, and to ask yourself, “What can I do today? What is within my reach, right now, that will make my life, and the lives of those I love, better? What small step can I take, in this moment, that will take me further toward where I dream to be?”

It is crucial to keep the bigger picture in mind, every step of the way, just as it is essential to always hold your values and principles firmly in hand. One should also continually strive, however, to employ these elements to inform a fully engaged life in the present moment, and to live each day with mindfulness, gratitude and love.

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