Dropping In

“Dropping In”  |  Anthony Satori

In skate and surf culture, there is something called the “drop in.”  It is when you go directly up to the edge of a half-pipe (or wave), stand on your board, lean your entire body out over the abyss, and then just drop, letting gravity pull you into the slope with full momentum.  It is fast and sudden, and you hit maximum speed almost immediately.  While it might seem dangerous, perhaps even reckless, it is actually one of the most stable ways to start a ride, because a large amount of the stability in skateboarding and surfing comes from forward motion.  Plus, when you drop in, there is no chance for hesitation.  There is no half-way.  It is full focus and full commitment.  Suddenly, all of your decisions become simplified: all that matters is making the most of your ride.

So the next time you are presented with a challenge, an opportunity, or even just the chance to have a new experience… yes, do your homework, make your preparations, and learn all that you can about how you want to proceed… but then, as soon as you’ve done these things, don’t be afraid to simply drop in.  Feel the wind against your face, feel the momentum of gravity pulling you along, feel the exhilaration that comes from unhesitant, unequivocal forward motion.  This is your ride… make the most of it!


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