“Vibrant”  |  Anthony Satori

” ‘Just living is not enough,’  said the butterfly,  ‘One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.’ ” 

— Hans Christian Anderson

While recently walking near water, I came upon a shiny, dark-leafed flower.  The sunlight reflected off its surfaces beautifully, playing boldly with the reflectivity of its robust petals, softly enhancing the remarkable natural coloring of its bloom.  The plant seemed to be almost consciously trying to show me that there was light emanating from deep within its heart.  This was nature using color and texture to express a true inner vibrancy, presenting an expression of pure illumination before my very eyes.  Moments later, the sun shifted.  The colors became more subtle, more subdued.  But not before I managed to immortalize the inner sparkle of this flower, in this moment, in all its wonder.



"Serenity"  |  Anthony Satori

“Serenity”  |  Anthony Satori

“Words exist because of meaning.  Once you’ve gotten the meaning, you can forget the words.  Where can I find someone who has forgotten words?  This is who I wish to speak with.”  — Chuang Tzu

When someone tunes out the noise of the outer world, allows their thoughts to become still and calm, and immerses themselves in the experience of a work of art, they are speaking with someone who has “forgotten” words.  This is because art exists in a mode that goes beyond mere language, reaching directly into the realm of pure meaning.BlogImage-footd