A Walk Along the Shore

“A Walk Along the Shore”  |  Anthony Satori

Two figures, a young girl and her mother, walking hand in hand toward the seashore in the middle of Winter.  The child is wearing a vibrant red sweatshirt, the hood thrown back to feel the chill of the air on her face and neck.  The mother wears a sensible overcoat, with a long skirt and large hat to protect her from the elements.  The child walks with a spring in her step, looking gleefully around, taking it all in.  The mother walks with a more level stride, directed more steadily toward their destination.  Under her arm, the mother carries a heavy purse — the responsibilities of adulthood — everpresent in her possession.  She holds it away from the girl, however, shielding her child from life’s weight by placing nothing less than her own self in between.  They are at the shore on a cold day, presenting the young girl with a new experience, showing her that you do not have to wait until Summer to share a lovely walk at the sea — in fact, if you take your moments in life as they come, you might just be surprised by the unique and special beauties that you will find.  The mother wears muted tones from head to toe, but amidst the greys and browns of her attire there is a hint of red in her shoes.  It is a mere flash of color, almost easy to miss, but it is a true, living remnant of her own youth, a glimmer of the young girl that she herself once was, not so long ago.  It is a spark of her own childlike spirit, preserved, still alive within her, giving her the ability to genuinely relate to her young daughter’s fresh enthusiasm and to truly share in the experience.


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