Winter Solstice

"Solstice"  |  Anthony Satori

“Solstice”  |  Anthony Satori

Tomorrow, December 21, is Winter Solstice.  Every season has its beauty, and Winter’s stark wonder reaches its subtle peak tonight, the longest night of darkness in the year.  There is deep beauty to be found by immersing oneself in the experience of the clouds, the rain, the wind… they are, without a doubt, genuine offerings of Demeter’s heart, and hold profound meaning in their nature.  Do not become too mired in their melancholy, however… for the planet has turned on its axis, the captivity of Persephone has crossed its half mark, and the earth has begun its slow, steady thaw toward Spring.  And Spring, after all, is where life is meant to thrive.  Just appreciate every moment along the way, every step of the journey.


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