Tree and Cloud

"Tree and Cloud" | Anthony Satori

“Tree and Cloud”  |  Anthony Satori

“It is the conviction that nothing mysterious can ever happen in our everyday life that has destroyed the joy of abstract thought.”  – Wassily Kandinsky

Kandinsky said this almost a century ago.  How much more true, today?  To our great good fortune, art has the extraordinary potential to prove this conviction entirely wrong, and to re-introduce wonder into our lives.BlogImage-footd

Glittering Plains

"The Glittering Plains of Odainsaker" | Anthony Satori

“The Glittering Plains of Odainsaker”  |  Anthony Satori

In ancient Nordic mythology, there is a place — a real location, somewhere in the world — where anyone who goes there becomes healthy and youthful, and remains that way forever.  It is called Odainsaker: “The Deathless Acre.”  It is said that when you find it, you will recognize it immediately, because the land glitters like gold.